Case Study

TDL Counseling


To create an innovative counseling brand that stands out from the competition, while building on the personality and enthusiasm of TDL Counseling's previous work.


We took what defined TDL Counseling and developed a story that will build a strong client base and stand the test of time. By carefully crafting their brand, logo, branding strategy, business assets, and social media strategy, TDL Counseling can present a uniform message across print and digital platforms.

Scope of Project

Branding and Identity Design
Web Design and Development

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THe Story

The Transition to a private practice

"You don't have to go the long way around."  That's Ty's motto.  As a therapist specializing in anxiety and work-life balance, Ty devotes his working hours to helping individuals, couples, families, and groups change for the better.  Ty's open-minded approach and dedication to the Houston community have been recognized through speaking invitations from the Fulbright Commission; The Jung Center; numerous colleges, high schools and community centers; the KPFT 90.1 radio station; and, most recently, the local news.

Ty is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but not in website design. So, when he decided to start his own independent practice in 2016, he called me.  I worked with Ty to ensure that his website was easy to find and responsive on any device.  Together, we crafted a site that instantly conveyed his counseling philosophy.  I worked with Ty on the entire user experience design process, including logo design, branding, user journeys, mockups, prototypes, and development in Webflow with content management system.  The result was central hub for Ty's current and future clients.

Building the Brand

In Depth Stories behind the projects

The TDL Counseling logo was developed with modern simplicity in mind and a slight nod to art deco. I wanted to tread the fine line between the classic art deco look while keeping the design clean and versatile. The open "d" and "c" logo segments were brought in as design elements across the branding materials and website.

Their Words

I love the work Jonathan has done in helping me brand myself and my new business. He has helped take the core of who I am and what I do and transferred that into a website that I'm proud of and perfectly represents my efforts and my work. I highly recommend him for your small business needs!



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